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Nish Kumar was invited to attend the Lord’s Taverners Christmas lunch to perform a stand up set to raise money for vulnerable children. However, the comedian, most famous for starring on the BBC Mash Report, used the opportunity to make a number of derogatory remarks about Brexit.  The stand up set caused outrage among those present, with Mr Kumar – dubbed “undoubtedly the UK’s hottest comedian” – facing backlash from the audience.

Guests at the Lord’s Taverners Christmas charity lunch booed and heckled the comedian for his distasteful jokes. 

Tension in the room then rose even further when Mr Kumar chose to confront those who disagreed with him on the UK’s future outside of the EU.

Mr Kumar labelled those who did not share his opinion as “thick”, causing to anger in the room to boil over.

The BBC comic described it as “the rowdiest gig I’ve ever done” as hecklers shouted “don’t do politics”.

The Mash Report star was even forced to leave the stage after someone threw a bread roll at him.

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Describing the outrage in the room, Mike Fitchett, 68, told The Mail Online: “This man, who is supposed to be a comedian, gets up and delivers what could only be described as a political speech.

“He should have just left the stage but he refused to do so. This was not at all what our organisation is about.

“These were extreme, far-left political views and we are a charity.

“It was all very offensive and I shall be writing to our chief executive to make my feelings clear.”

Following the disastrous stand-up routine, Mr Kumar attempted to make light of the situation, tweeting: “In my defence, it was only one bread roll and it missed me.”

This is not the first time the BBC star has courted controversy.

Earlier this year the comedian described the “architects” of Brexit as “a cocktail of lying racists and buffoons”.

He added: “I don’t think even someone as cynical as me could have predicted how deeply stupid these people are.”

Mr Kumar was also forced to apologise last year when he invited Steve Topple onto the Mash Report.

Steve Topple has faced criticism for social media posts which have ben accused of being anti-Semitic.

At the time, Mr Kumar said: “We f***ed up – no question. Apologies. Will be more judicious in future.”

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