Frontex strengthened mandate comes into force

Frontex strengthened mandate comes into force

The new European Border and Coast Guard regulation that strengthens the mandate of Frontex, came into force on 4 December.

Under the new regulation, the agency will soon have 10.000 officers to assist national authorities with border control and migration management.

“With our own standing corps and own equipment, Frontex will be a daily partner for national authorities to design sustainable border management capacities rather than simply responding in a crisis management mode. Our operational aim is to have well-functioning external borders ensuring trust in our European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice”, said Frontex executive director, Fabrice Leggeri.

Frontex will assist in the reintegration of returnees in non-EU countries and will continue to fight cross-border crime, including in the maritime domain.

Apart from conducting operations in non-EU countries that do not neighbor the Union, the agency will also play a bigger role in the management of the flows of legitimate travelers across EU’s external borders.

Frontex was established in 2004 to improve the management of the EU external borders, and has expanded in 2017, becoming the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

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